the Gulf Coast
Since 1953

About Us

D&T Tile & Terrazzo is a terrazzo installation, repair, and restoration company specializing in the commercial and industrial market. We work with architects, interior designers and building owners to provide the finest in custom designed and created terrazzo installations — delivered on time and within budget. Our work is 100% guaranteed.

Who we are

We are locally owned and operated since 1953. We are proud to say we have gained three generations of cumulative experience in providing our clients with just what they want. We believe we have developed a genuine expertise in terrazzo, and we employ real craftsmen to do the installations, and we never take shortcuts.

Our investment in the best and most up-to-date equipment cannot be matched. Our equipment provides us with capabilities unmatched by our competitors and allows us to provide top quality installations – ever time.

We are licensed in both Louisiana and Mississippi, and we are members of the National Terrazzo and Mosaic Association (NTMA). Our employees hold Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) cards which grant them access to many secure facilities.

For us, the proudest thing we can say is that we are the cultural inheritors of a rich tradition in working with terrazzo.

Terrazzo – Part of Our Family Heritage

Highly specialized Terrazzo and mosaic craftsmen were primarily from the Friuli region of Italy.

Peter Di Pol immigrated to the United States as a young child.  Along with his father and father before him continued the tradition of this craft.  In 1953, Peter began his own  Terrazzo business with a partner to form D & L Tile & Terrazzo Company.  Upon his retirement, his son David Di Pol along with Gary Toca took over the leadership of the company Peter had founded.  Along with other family members as a team continue the tradition of excellence started so many years ago.

The first mosaic and terrazzo workers from the foothills of eastern Friuli reached New York around 1875 and are credited with bringing the art of stone and tile work to the United States from Venice, Italy where it was originated.

Our Purpose

Our one purpose is leaving a completed job with a totally satisfied customer.

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