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Serving the Gulf Coast region since 1953

As an architect, builder, or interior designer, you know how important it is today to use materials that are not only durable but enhance the eye-appeal of the project — all within budget. You probably already know that terrazzo today meets these objectives so well that more and more commercial and industrial projects require terrazzo as part of their specifications.

If you are seeking a top quality terrazzo flooring contractor for your project in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama or Florida, we invite you to contact us today to see what a difference our experience and craftsmanship can make.

What D&T can do for you?

  • Consultation to help develop custom terrazzo specification if requested
  • Custom terrazzo built to those specs, installed and finished
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Always gets the job done the right way
  • Experience and expertise developed over three generations
  • Skilled craftsmen
  • The best and most up to date equipment
  • We’ll install just what you want on time and within budget

Outstanding building material

As more architects, interior designers, and clients recognize the outstanding qualities of terrazzo, finding an installer who can maximize those qualities through worry-free installation is no longer a challenge when you choose D&T Tile & Terrazzo. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Our work speaks for itself.
Spend as much time reviewing our gallery as you need. Ask us for a free consultation on your proposed terrazzo installation. And find out why we’ve been around since 1953.

Contact D&T Terrazzo today to find out all you need to know about terrazzo and the proper way to install it.