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Why Choose Terrazzo?

There are many good reasons why architects, interior designers, and building owners continue to choose terrazzo for their flooring needs:

  • Terrazzo has stood the test of time
  • It is beautiful
  • Terrazzo looks like luxury marble but without the high cost; it is economical
  • The look is classic
  • Terrazzo offers a wide range of creative applications
  • It offers a wide range of colors and designs
  • Properly installed and sealed, terrazzo is impervious to damage from water and stains
  • It cannot be chipped
  • Expert installation is available

Standing the Test of Time

You could almost say that terrazzo has been around forever but that would be a small exaggeration. Archaeologists used the word terrazzo for the floors of early Neolithic buildings (PPN A and B, ca. 9,000–8,000 BC) in Western Asia.  These floors were constructed of burnt lime and clay, colored red and polished. Crushed limestone was embedded.

More modern terrazzo dates from an age when Venice was the most important city in Europe during the Renaissance. Venetian artisans used discarded marble to create terraces around homes.

Rough surfaces were created and from that workers began to produce smoother surfaces for walking by rubbing the surfaces with hand stones.

From there they developed better ways to rub the surfaces smooth and eventually discovered that goat’s milk brought out true marble color when applied to the surface of the flooring. This was the first sealer. Continued improvements were made over time to create better installations and maintenance of terrazzo.

Eventually terrazzo was brought to America.

Modern technology has improved terrazzo over the last 40 years. Epoxies, polyesters, latex and acrylics are used in the creation and installation of terrazzo. Rustic terrazzo was created making the product perfect for sidewalks, plazas, terraces, pool and stairways. Terrazzo has become a flexible product with numerous applications that will fit all requirements.

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